Is joe jonas still dating chelsea staub online dating women seeking

08-Feb-2017 13:34

They've all claimed to be single at some time, but is Joe still single?

I've heard he was dating Demi Lovato, but then I heard he was dating Chelsea Staub.

Between takes Joe posed for photos with fans and read over his lines while snacking on an apple.

(Pacific Coast News)more pics Joe Jonas was locking lips with a girl who wasn't girlfriend Demi Lovato today, but fear not, it was just for a scene in his Disney Channel TV show -- no drama here.

Staub recently said about the characters: "They're still trying to figure out their feelings for each other and whether or not to take the risk of ruining the friendship if things go wrong."In real life, Joe and Demi seem to be happy as can be these days, after having fessed up about their relationship just a few months ago.

They recorded a song together, and seem to share the same the same circle of friends, so we hope it works out!

Od roku 2012 se objevuje v seriálu Baby Daddy jako Riley Perrin. Kariéra V roce 2001 si zahrála v krátkém filmu nazvaném Failure of Pamela Salt.

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Od roku 2010 pro tutéž televizi propůjčuje svůj hlas animovanému seriálu Rybičky. Účastnila se dvanácté sérii americké soutěže Dancing with the Stars.

and Chelsea Staub passionately kissing while filming JONAS at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday afternoon.